Marshall Communications Pty Ltd


Specialists in the design and implementation of scalable, high performance and highly available applications infrastructure.

Marshall Communications works to align an organisation's infrastructure platform with its requirements from the business down to the metal. Every facet of a Marshall solution is designed to optimise the reliability, availability, performance and scalability of the application and the integrity of the data.

The fundamental approach is to:

  • ensure that the life cycle development environments provide for verification of all changes before they are applied in production
  • ensure that changes to the underlying hardware and software components can be made without disruption to business services
  • optimise network performance through database replication and caching technologies without increasing the complexity of transactional integrity and data synchronisation
  • optimise equipment costs by leveraging horizontal scaling to reduce the need for expensive server equipment

Marshall Communications is owned by David Marshall, a computer professional with over 30 years experience in the design, implementation and operation of reliable, scalable and cost-effective computer systems. David has specialist expertise in java application server technology, relational database management systems, operating systems, virtual infrastructure and data networking. He complements his strong technical expertise with effective writing skills, a structured approach to the analysis of technical problems and a pragmatic approach to the resolution of business problems.