Marshall Communications Pty Ltd


Marshall Communications has developed a number of products to assist its clients with the management and operation of their systems.

Enterprise Products

For the enterprise, Marshall has built the following products under contract to the Australian Government (these products are IP Commonwealth of Australia)

The WebSphere Application Server Configuration Checker

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship uses the WebSphere Configuration Checker to keep track of changes to application and server configuration changes. Every night the checker is run to:

  • take a backup copy of the configuration of each environment
  • produce a report showing the changes since the last backup
  • compare the configuration of one environment with another (e.g. compare a test environment with production) and highlight any differences

The Checker uses XML files to specify how each configuration file is to be interpreted and to specify environment specific properties. The Checker understands irrelevant differences such as different object id values and reports relevant differences in a web report that is concise and easy to understand.

The WebSphere HTTP Server Plug-in Configuration File Builder

The WebSphere Plug-in Configuration File Builder supports the generation of plug-in configuration files from template files and the plug-in configuration files generated by WebSphere. The application supports advanced configurations such as fail-over operation as well as the load balancing of applications across multiple clusters and cells. It is used in both The Department of Human Services and The Department of Immigration and Citizenship to support their "multiple production lines" WebSphere configurations.

The "multiple production lines" configurations allow continuous service availability by providing for the offline maintenance of applications and platforms one production line at a time.

The PC Software Management System

Called CheckVer by the Australian Communications Authority and PC Man by the National Library of Australia, this product was developed by Marshall to manage the distribution of software to PCs across an enterprise network. The application checked, installed and updated software to desktop PCs from local file servers each time some-one logged in to the PC. The PC software configuration was determined by the installed hardware and the options selected. Another program, distrib, was used to roll out the software to file servers across the wide area network in a reliable, interruptible and resumable fashion.

The product was originally developed to manage Windows 3.11 computers. It was later enhanced to support Windows 9X and Windows NT computers. All aspects of the PC software were managed including the boot code, operating system, applications installed on the hard disk and the Windows registry.